CEO's Message

CEO’s Message

Thank you for visiting our website!


I am Dr Tan Indravina, currently manages Devalda Medical Center and Co-founded of VAAC- VIP Air Ambulance and Charter Flight, the first leading medical evacuation service in Cambodia.


As a young girl, I dream to become a medical doctor to save my family and people around me but dream grows only bigger as I grow older.

Inspired by my father who is a practicing medical doctor for over 20 years, Devalda was founded 3 years ago with a combination of my passion, to be a doctor who can bring healthier life to my patient not only with knowledge but with compassion and my vision to improve quality of healthcare with trustworthy standard by and for my people and my country.


Devalda Medical Center is now a growing proof of my dream, passion and my vision. We uphold our medical ethic, integrity and we only serve our patient with the excellence of healthcare quality along with honesty kindness and respect.


Despites our difficulties in tackles Covid-19 situation during the last 2 years, Devalda has successfully maintain our vision, mission and core values to ensure that our team use every inch of our knowledge and wisdom to serve our patients so they continuously receive innovated standard of care using new working norms with the flexibility that allow minimum risk of infections but high quality and accuracy of healthcare.


Our mission and vision can always be created but cannot be achieved without our loyal team. We have developed a culture of “We” rather than “I”. We value open communication and critical comments in order to ensure and improve patient centered-standard and our integrated hospitality services into healthcare.


As a managing director, I very much grateful for the efforts and the heart of my non-medical and medical team. Even in the worse situation, they remain hardworking, trusting and their ability of care is only improving.


I would like to personally thank you for choosing Devalda and appreciate your trust and cooperation to take care of your health and your family’s happiness!


Dr. Tan Indravina, CEO