Devalda Pharmacy

A modern pharmacy with fully qualified pharmacists, and high-quality pharmacy products verified by doctors. 

Devalda Pharmacy provides services to patients and customers more than just the sale of health and beauty products or prescription medicine. What We focusing on:

 -Quality of Pharmacy products and Qualified Pharmacist team

 -Storage all products following the FEFO procedure and in the right temperature 

 -Make sure that the Non-OTC Meds are available in stock, especially the Emergency Meds.

 -Monitoring stock and drugs expiration consistently. 

 -Meds dispensing following the standard protocol of the hospital

*To help our patients and the community use medicines properly, effectively and safely, Devalda Pharmacy also offers free consultation via phone call/live chat or walk-in visit to go over medications you are taking or answer any questions/concerns you may have on the medications you are taking. Our walk-in customers can purchase non- prescribed or prescribed medication and other healthcare products from our Pharmacy on same-day delivery.

At Devalda, we aim to bring a healthier life to every patient.

For brief doctor consult on a phone call before purchase and use the medicine, contact our team at (855) 87270399/077 262 592/967270777

For a Faster Response, Please Call Us At