Our Services

All levels of medical team at Devalda Medical Center strives to improve the health of our patients into a healthier life.  

24/7 In Patient

Our patient rooms are specially designed with ample space, a comfortable bed, a fresh look, consistent hygiene with covid-19 safety policies, and preventive measures to keep patients and staff reassured in our operation management.

Devalda Medivac (Ambulance Service)

Devalda Medevac provides ambulance service 24/7 to patients and partners, both pick-up and drop-off, with high service quality, safe, fast, accessible, and reliable. Our ambulance is fully equipped with cleaning procedures before and after missions with a trained medical team with full PPE. 

Doctor Home Visit

To make it easier and more convenient for the patients and their families to visit us, Devalda Medical Center provides doctor home-visit service, especially for the elderly and chronically ill patients.

Tele Consultation

For more than two years, Devalda Medical Center has experienced help arranging numerous telemedicine\follow-up teleconsultations for those patients in Cambodia who cannot travel to see their overseas specialized doctors, such as in Singapore, Thailand, India, etc. Since the Covid-19 pandemic in Cambodia, teleconsultation has become popular used by many healthcare centers and patients that are fit and well.

VIP-Contactless Health Checkup.

is a new VIP Health Check Package for those patients who need a health check without waiting and less contact with the medical staff. The VIP Room and medical doctor or nurse with FULL-PPE will be ready to perform the check-up for you privately.

VIP air ambulance

More than 24/7 Devalda Medical Center is in partnership with VAAC (VIP Air Ambulance & Charter Flight). We’re providing VIP business charter flights and emergency aircraft services, with options of our overseas hospital partner in Singapore, Thai, India ,and any other oversea hospital that a patient has chosen.

Devalda Hospital Management

Devalda Hospital management Service, under the name of Devalda Medical Center Co., Ltd, was founded by our chairmen Pro. Dr. Tan Kimmeng. We provide management service to new clinics or hospitals, starting from a-z planning, executing, managing, and evaluating the operations and overall management.

Medical checkups


Bone Density



Outpatient Consultation


Specialized Hepatology Consultation



Chronic disease care