For more than two years, Devalda Medical Center has experienced help arranging numerous telemedicine\follow-up tele-consultations for those patients in Cambodia who cannot travel to see their overseas specialized doctors, such as in Singapore, Thailand, India, etc. Since the Covid-19 pandemic in Cambodia, teleconsultation has become popular used by many healthcare centers and patients that are fit and well.


How does it work?

Step 1: Request an Appointment with a doctor via link: Click Here

Step 2: Appointment date and time confirmed

Step 3: Make first online payment

Step 4: Medical Administration Team register your personal information into the system (We keep your info confidentially under the Patient’s Rights Policy)

Step 5: Received an appointment link via email or telegram

Step 6: Medical Administration Team gives a call to remind for an appointment.

Step 7: Click on the appointment link 5mns before the starting time

Step 8: The doctor will advise what to do next after the consultation and before the end of the conversation. Our Medical Record team will call and prepare for the next steps after received the prescription notes from your doctor.

Get in touch with Devalda Medical Administration Team at (855) 87270399/967270777

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